When Built Magazine Came To Town

Everything on the 28th of October 2017 was meant to be about our Head Barber Levis's wedding. But it wasn't. Gary Pinchin, the Editor of Built Magazine, had called and said they would like to do the feature they had been planning to do on Clique on that day. This just added to the excitement of the day, but we knew the timeframes would be really tight as we had to have Lev at the Church by 12.30, everything would be fine, I'm sure Hannah wouldn't mind waiting!

The morning rolled around all too quickly after a heavy night, and as we were shut that day for the wedding we really didn't expect many people to turn up, yet not 5 minutes after we arrived bikes starting to rumble into Kenwyn Street, and it wasn't long before we'd pretty much filled the street.....I guess word had got around!

Photo: Gary Margerum

It was a real honour to have the guys from Built make the effort to come down and see what we had been up to since we opened the doors to Clique 6 months previous. It was with genuine curiosity they delved into what made us create what we had, the reasons behind it, and how we have married all the different elements we have under one roof. Gary was delighted to see so many familiar faces from the motorcycle world drinking tea in and out the shop and it was a lovely feeling of confirmation that the little ripple we had set seemed to be growing, and the engagement in this scene in Cornwall isn't set to slow down any time soon. Its always been here, and the quality of custom motorcycles that are present outside the shop is testament to the fact that there are some fantastic bike builders in Cornwall, perhaps it just needed something to pull them all together. 

Photo: Gary Margerum

With Built's photographer, Gary Margerum doing everything he could to dodge the buses, he made us feel at ease as he blended into the background as he snapped away, only to then ask for portraits of the boys, right.....just try and act naturally!

Time began to creep away and I could see Levis's nerves begin to build, and as we finished off the interviews with Gary and Helen, the sound of bikes setting off down the road, I looked around and felt incredibly proud of what just happened today, never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that just 6 months into our journey we would have the opportunity to tell one of the best custom motorcycle magazines our story. 

We say our good byes until the next time, and now we really have to get our suits on as we should have left for the wedding half an hour ago. 

The feature is now out and the reaction we have had to it has been phenomenal, there has been so many e mails and comments from around the world and in that I am genuinely blown away by the fact people have engaged so much in what we are doing in our little corner of Cornwall. 


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