From an e-commerce clothing line that was established in 2016 to a thriving City centre retail store that houses Clique Customs Clothing, Clique Barbershop, Clique Coffee Co. and Clique Box. Clique has developed into more than a brand, we are a family. 

We pride ourselves on exceptional service, hard work, a positive outlook and offering high quality products.

Our clothing line is all designed in house by our Creative Director and shipped world wide, complimenting our brand ethos of hard graft, self belief and a never settle mentality.

Clique Barbershop was at the heart of the concept of Clique as a physical store, and provides a unique experience and a traditional approach to the timeless craft of Barbering. To us it’s more than a haircut.

We are constantly looking to improve the experience of our customers, and continually evolving the brand. We have now introduced Clique Coffee Co. into Clique, a concept I have dreamed of Clique being since day one, Clothing, cuts and coffee all under one roof.

And now it's time for Clique Box to develop and take us again into another diverse sector for Clique. 

Clique Box has created a platform to bring together small independent brands to work collaboratively and offers a wide range of exciting products that we wrap up in one box, beautifully presented and delivered directly to the recipient.

Our core values of dedication, passion for our craft and customer service runs through each element of Clique.

We are Clique.