High Seas Preorder T Shirt


The High Seas T is now live and available to pre order.  We have had so many of our customers asking about various ways they can support the brand whilst we are currently closed, from paying for services they are to miss during the temporary closure, paying upfront for future cuts and other purchases or buying gift cards to be spent in store.

Whilst all massively appreciated, it really didn't feel right taking money and not being able to provide something physical to show for it. So I came up with the limited edition preorder only design, as a way of supplying something to our customers, and in having purchased one you will know how much you have helped us during this difficult time every time you put it on. 

And it's that simple. We are all in such unprecedented times, socially, financially, emotionally, and this is my small way of bringing something positive out of all this, it may just be a t shirt, which seems ridiculous during this pandemic, but to us, it's so much more and by purchasing one of them it really will mean the world to us.

So if you are able to, and want one please jump onto the preorder here.

Thank you from us all at Clique.

Stay home and stay safe.


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