So.... its been just under a week, hows everyone doing?

It was this time last week I took the decision that for the first time ever we would temporarily close the doors of Clique. It was an incredibly difficult decision for us as a team to make but ultimately it was the only decision to make.  Having to cancel all the upcoming appointments and without a clear picture of how long it will be before we can turn the sign on the door again is an incredibly daunting experience, and I thank each and everyone one of you for your understanding. 

The time away from the shop has given me the opportunity to look at everything we should be thankful for. We have an amazing client base at Clique, and we will never underestimate the support that you have all given to our shop, making the decision to sit in our chairs and buy the clothing brand, and it is because of that support I am so determined to come back stronger when the relentless wave of this pandemic finally releases its grip on us all enough to return to some form of normality, however different that normality will look like. 

I am truly amazed by all the well wishes and offers of clients still wanting to support the company by paying for services they are to miss due to the temporary closure of the shop, in the midst of the financial strain you will all be experiencing during this time, its an incredibly heartwarming gesture. 

Whilst truly thankful for that gesture it just isn't something we feel comfortable accepting, so I have been working on a pre order t shirt design so we can offer a way for people to support us if they are able to and choose to whilst our door is closed. This will only be available as a pre order and only produced to the numbers of that pre order and will not be released in store or online for general sale. 

There will be further information on this pre order in the coming days. 

This is by far an ideal situation for us all to be facing, but it is a humbling one and offers time for reflection, and makes me thankful for each and every customer that has ever engaged in any way with this company. 

Please keep an eye on our social media channels and the website for further updates. 

Please stay home, stay safe. 


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#NoCutTilClique Stay strong!

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