Clique Update

As we move toward the end of the 7th week of lockdown, I wanted to give you an update on everything Clique. 

Myself, Lev and Dan are all well, healthy and can not wait to return back work. We have all kept ourselves busy with various projects, and I am pleased to say that we have all, including our families stayed safe and have observed the necessary restrictions of lockdown. 

We have our part to play as an industry to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our health, our family and the safety of our wider community, and that responsibility spreads throughout the barbering industry, so I have been disgusted at recent news reports that some barbers have been risking people's health by going out and doing home visits. This goes against everything we have all been trying to do as a nation and those people have decided to put money above the health and well being of countless people, and its my opinion that they should be ashamed of themselves. 

Despite numerous requests for cuts, we at Clique have all explained to those clients the importance of the lockdown, and why we won't be doing home visits. 

As soon as it it safe to do so, we will reopen the doors to Clique and I have taken every available measure following the limited amount of information available to us at this time to make sure we have everything in place to keep everyone has safe as we can, and will continue to adapt the way in which we operate as a shop when further guidelines are released later this week. 

Further updates from the Government are due on Sunday and we will be updating our online booking system to reflect this date, so if you have an appointment booked in from the 7th onwards you will receive and email cancelling that appointment.

Finally we hope everyone is well and please hold on a little longer, hopefully we will all know more on Sunday. 

Stay safe 


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