The Resurgence Ultralight jeans are made from a soft, breathable and antibacterial denim called

Promodal. They are 60% lined with a lighter version of Resurgence's PEKEV material which is highly abrasion resistant. Although the liner is thinner and lighter compared to other jeans from Resurgence, it still meets CE level 1 standard. All-together, these jeans only weigh 900 grams, making them one of the lightest designs on the market right now. The cut is similar to a pair of Levi 501s making them stylish as well as protective. The denim is also quite stretchy for comfort. Although this jean does not come as standard with armour it does have pockets to accommodate Resurgence knee and hip armour, which is available on our site separately. This jean also features a reflective strip on the inseam, so a turn up at the bottom will create a touch of extra visibility.

Made from soft, breathable denim called Promodal

Lined with Pekev lite

Only weigh 900 grams

Skinny Fit

Stretch denim

Reflective inseam

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