Built Magazine: Issue 8

In issue eight of Built magazine we visit the Born Free Motorcycle Show, arguably America’s best custom motorcycle show and Camp VC - a ladies only custom biking event in the Welsh hills and Motorcycle Social, a brand new but already thriving show in Leeds.

We meet the near perfect Ducati Novant’anni built by Dutchmen Leo Fleuren and Willy Poelen and a Ducati built by Fuel that started life as a Scrambler, although you’d never know it to look at it.

We head to Africa on scramblers with Sam Lovegrove and meet Glen Moger the man behind some of the bikes built at Red Max Speed Shops who’s particularly well-known for his stunning motorcycle seats.

Jets Forever show us a lock-up full of ‘Frisco-style Harleys and we find out how clothing specialist Legacy 85 links up with Triumph experts Bonnefication to offer a one-stop shop.