She's the newest member of our team, and we think she's pretty cool, but how do you truly know someone until you've ask them our 20 questions? So that's what we did, and we learnt a lot, especially about her infatuation with a certain someone.....

1: Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and beautiful? 

Dumb and beautiful. 

2: What would your Superpower be?

I'd be like Alex Mack, and turn into liquid.

3: What is your favourite saying?

Hi there. You alright? I say it all the time. 

4: What is your worst bad habit?

Not thinking before I speak. I just blurt stuff out.

5: Who is your man crush?

David Beckham.

6: Whats your favourite motorcycle?

David Beckham's motorcycle.

7: What is the worst food in the world?

Spaghetti Bolognese, gets so messy, all over your face. 

8: What does your Guilty Pleasure Playlist consist of?


9: What is your favourite and your worst tattoo?

My favourite would be my David Beckham portrait on my calf, and my worse... the Levi's logo on my arse, pretty bad!

10: Best book ever?

I've only read two books! Victoria Beckham's autobiography and David Beckham's autobiography, but the best is definitely David Beckhams.

11: What is the last song you cried to?

Don't know, can't remember the last time I cried at all!

12: What is your favourite film?

The Class of '92 (David Beckham.....again)

13: How do you eat your Creme Egg?

Take the top off, get the inside out.

14: What do you do with your day off?

I clean the house, take my dog for a walk and dance around to Brittany.

15: Favourite Album?

Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday.

16: If you changed your name what would it be and why?

Dani Beckham Walton, obviously. 

17: Whats your most useless talent?

I taught myself to move my ears, I trained the muscle in my face so I could do it.

18: Where do you get your style influences from?

I just wear what I want. 

19: What the most stupid way you've injured yourself?

I climbed up a bridge, a big bridge, I got really high up, then I fell and I was holding on for dear life. I hurt myself pretty bad. 

20: Describe yourself in one word.