Birmingham Bound

2018 has just begun and we're on the road, heading to Mutt HQ in Digbeth, Birmingham.  

Its been an incredibly busy time at Clique, our first Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye and we have yet to catch the time to reflect on what just happened, let alone the previous 8 months.  Que a 5 hour road trip, the perfect time to digest all the events of 2017, and plan out our assault on the next 12 months.

Having been the South West Dealer for Mutt Motorcycles since August, we have had such a positive to reaction the stylish small engined machines, we felt we needed to put a visit together to Mutt, to put faces to the names we've been speaking to and to extend our knowledge of how the program at Mutt works.

We arrived, grabbed a coffee and took the tour with Bennie. They have been in this premises for about a year, the former industrial unit now houses the factory, a clothing store, a coffee shop, and an events space – creating a Motorcycle lifestyle hub that has the feel of a really cool place to ride to and hang out.

We go through to the large factory space where the Mutts are put together and seeing the guys at work on the new lines of Mutts ready for for 2018, the attention to detail that goes into each build is immediately clear.

The Hilts 125 Green 

The new RS-13 125 

The conversation quickly moves toward the plans Bennie has for 2018, and its clear that Mutt Motorcycles are building on the successful program they have created to date. With the 250 range increasing and the introduction of the stunning RS13, available in both 125cc and 250cc engines, its an exciting time for the Birmingham based company.  


Moving back through to the Mutt shop and entrance area, with the walls adorned with some fantastic artwork, the subject moves onto the ever growing market for well built small engined custom motorcycles, and how they are such a good fit for the roads we ride day in day out in Cornwall, the go anywhere, do anything philosophy clearly runs right through the veins of Mutt. 

We begin to say our good byes, our next trip up here will need to coincide with one of the Mutt Parties as they carry quite the reputation.  

We leave Birmingham for the long road back to Cornwall with a greater appreciation of the work that goes into each and every Mutt, and as we leave we spot the bike that began it all...............

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