A Warm Welcome

Nobody likes to wish time away, but it felt like I had been doing just that for the last few months. 

We had been looking far and wide to find the right person to join our team at Clique. Being that there are a number of elements to working in Clique, with us not being just a barbershop, we needed someone that understood the diversity of working in a shop thats runs a barbershop based on a booking system, sells multiple brands, custom motorcycles and could help develop our brand further a field, and when we found Dani we knew we had found that person. 

Her skills as a barber are undoubted, having trained at SB Barbering Academy one of the most prestigious barbering academies in the country, but by putting her knowledge of the retail and design sector together with her cutting skills, we truly feel lucky to have Dani part of the family. 

She's now been in the shop for a couple of days and the wait for her to arrive was definitely worth it. The way she has integrated into the shop, the level of customer service she provides and the instant relationship she makes with her clients in her chair is fantastic to see.


Dani is the perfect example of following a dream and working as hard as you can to make that dream a reality, searching out the right training, working in shops you know will help develop your skills a barber and engulfing yourself in an industry, that if you approach in the right manner, has so many inspiring and rewarding aspects to it. 

The barbering team at Clique is now near completion, and its time to stop wishing the time away and watch the development of my barbers, creating what they do on a daily basis and I cannot wait to put into action all the plans we have for these guys to showcase their skills and carve their place in this industry. 

You can book in with Dani here


Clique Customs.

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